Evil Child Black-Bellied Mother

Evil Child Black-Bellied Mother
Alternative Name: 妖孽宝贝腹黑娘亲
Author: 云轻雪
Category: Chinese Novel, Romance, Ancient
Status: Ongoing

Raws : Xiang5


Synopsis :

After transmigrating, not only did she have a child before marriage, but she was also chased after by assassins, nearly losing her life!

Five years later, she brought her son with her when she returned, oppressively dominating over men and women alike. She condemned the Imperial family’s conspiracies and became the hero of the common people.

Conveniently, she also picked up a demonically charming and handsome husband.


Her husband wasn’t human?

She is Zhongyi Marquis Residence’s waste of a legitimate daughter. Born without a spirit root, she was actually the Phoenix Clan’s most respected “Phoenix Lady.” When her spirit vessels were finally opened, she became an endless beacon of light; capturing the souls and love of the people!


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Translators : Rabbit

Editors : Peijun